High On Life

Fall is in the air. For a while it seemed as if the humid mugginess of summer would never dissipate, and then, suddenly, Mother Nature changed on a dime. Of course, there have been days where it’s like we went from summer straight into winter. I shudder to remember last Sunday when I had to do outings and came home soaked and shivering from the brutally cold rain. It’s one of those events that makes for a good memory and story but is not so pleasant at the time.

Still, I love fall and winter, and October is a lovely month. Just as the summer temperature lingered, so did the green lushness of the foliage. At the beginning of the month you’d have never known it was October. Then, almost overnight, the yellow, orange, and red colours sprouted everywhere, the picturesque vistas absolutely breathtaking. I’ve done my fair share of walking over the last week and a half and, more than once, I simply inhaled, enjoying the leaves strewn in front of me as I strolled, the warmth of the colour palette in direct opposition to the coolness in the air, and yet the contrast felt exactly right.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful post. Fall is also my favourite season.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Tort.

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