Heat Wave

July 18, 2013

Oh, there are no words to describe the level of suck that is the weather of late. The heat, the humidity, the general ickiness of it all. No matter what I do it’s impossible to escape feeling like a greasy blob. Ugh.


June 15, 2013

I’m of the belief that tis good to celebrate as many moments in life as possible. It’s fun, joyous, and helps us to weather the inevitable difficulties that pop up from time to time. Decorating for every conceivable holiday? Yup, I love all that stuff. Doing a happy dance because the day is going well? Just call me Twinkle Toes. Basking in other people’s good news? Hell yes.

It’s Saturday, there’s another reason.

Hehehehe, I’m a glutton for happy.


April 28, 2013

It’s always a good time to think about what I’m grateful for, and if I tried to complete the list it would go on ad infinitum. So here are just a few things that immediately come to mind:

1. My family.
2. Having food to eat and a roof over my head.
3. Synchronicty. Those lovely occurrences that add a mystical element to life.
4. Laughter. Joy is contagious.
5. Dreams and pursuing them. Just the act of doing so is life affirming and it’s wonderful to see other people achieve theirs.
6. Kindness and compassion. Simple things really, but so powerful.
7. Books, both reading and writing them. Untold adventures await between the pages, be they paper or electronic.
8. Rain. The gentle tapping of it against the window or the vibrancy of a good thunderstorm.
9. The strength that results from overcoming a challenge.
10. A restful sleep.
11. Each day. The current one filled with inspiration that informs the next.

Wide Awake

February 10, 2013

There’s nothing quite like waking up at 4:22 in the morning. You’d think after four hours of sleep, which was really good sleep I must admit, I’d be able to get some more zzzs.


After laying in bed for an hour I got up. Thing of it is, I feel refreshed and completely alert.

Oh well, what can you do? I figure I might as well go with it.

If my body needs it, I can always take a nap later.

A Slippery Slope

December 17, 2012

Yesterday there was beaucoup de freezing rain. From late afternoon onward, I could hear it tapping against the window. I knew today would be a day to stay indoors. The constant echo of neighbours scraping off their windshields only confirms this. Last week, on one of my walks, I took a spill. Imagine a cartoon character, their feet coming out from under them, and then the resounding splat that followed. A little embarrassed, and thankful more cars weren’t driving by, I quickly got up. The next day I had a sore neck, which was all gone the day after that.

Still, I enjoy the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood, and this year there are some great displays. When the ice is a little less precarious, I definitely plan to take in the sight.

High On Life

October 20, 2012

Fall is in the air. For a while it seemed as if the humid mugginess of summer would never dissipate, and then, suddenly, Mother Nature changed on a dime. Of course, there have been days where it’s like we went from summer straight into winter. I shudder to remember last Sunday when I had to do outings and came home soaked and shivering from the brutally cold rain. It’s one of those events that makes for a good memory and story but is not so pleasant at the time.

Still, I love fall and winter, and October is a lovely month. Just as the summer temperature lingered, so did the green lushness of the foliage. At the beginning of the month you’d have never known it was October. Then, almost overnight, the yellow, orange, and red colours sprouted everywhere, the picturesque vistas absolutely breathtaking. I’ve done my fair share of walking over the last week and a half and, more than once, I simply inhaled, enjoying the leaves strewn in front of me as I strolled, the warmth of the colour palette in direct opposition to the coolness in the air, and yet the contrast felt exactly right.

Fall Weather

October 3, 2011

October is here, and thankfully, the fall weather has come along for the ride. I love the cool air, so refreshing and so. . . bugless. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, so this is a time of year that I love.

What’s your favorite time of year?

Mosquitoes On Steroids

June 2, 2011

There have been some years where I haven’t gotten one mosquito bite. After this past weekend, I can say this year isn’t one of them. As I brushed a determined mosquito off my arm, I noticed it seemed to be unusually large, like it was on steroids. Well, my elbows are testament to the fact that as far as mosquito food goes, apparently I’m delicious. Two bites on my left elbow, and one on my right. Argh.

A Cough, A Sneeze, & Holiday Wishes

November 24, 2010

I’ve been coughing and sneezing the last few days, and in general, feeling icky. So I’ve been reading, resting, and watching a few movies, with a package of Halls and some ginger ale close by. Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but I’d like to wish all Americans a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Before & After

May 17, 2010

On the 8th of April I posted my sister’s tribute to her friend Cindy. On Saturday, in honor of Cindy’s memory and courage, Jessie shaved off her hip-length hair in order to donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Below are the before and after pictures: